MINES ParisTech Institut Supérieur d'Ingénierie et de Gestion de l'Environnement - ISIGE MINES ParisTech

International Environmental Management

A pedagogy with an International Focus

Many environmental processes operate at a global scale and consequences cannot be addressed solely from within a single area or discipline. At the same time, local conditions are often addressing environmental processes, problems, and possibilities. The study of critical environmental issues requires both specific knowledge and knowledge that crosses various academic and geographic boundaries. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to environmental topics, based on case studies rather than academic concepts 

100% of the courses are in English


Tsinghua School of Environment program - from September to December

  • Waste water & Drink water treatment,
  • Sustainable management of water resources 
  • Industrial ecology and circular economy 
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Environment management and policies
  • Waste management and site remediation
  • Ecological quality assessment
  • Visits and fieldtrips 
  • Mines ParisTech and INSA Lyon program - from January to April

  • European Institutions and Public Policies; International Conventions
  • Resources and Human Rights
  • The Earth and Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  • Management and Financial Tools for Projects
  • Companies’Environmental Strategies and Management, Risks, Environment and Business
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-Design
  • Urban Sustainable Development and resilience to Climate Change 
  • Integrated Waste management and circular economy – INSA Lyon

  • An innovative education based on real case studies

    Environment: project and study trip in Europe

    International: project and study trip in Asia

    The international prospective project

    This projets have strong links with our industrial partners new challenges, both in Asia and France: 

    Past projects and study trips >>

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